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Thursday, March 24, 2011

self introduction :)

Hey PPl, My name is fatin nadziera bt zaidi azhar.  19 years old .Im short , u can call me ziera,eira , fatin or Tv . i love my parent (ayah thnks and mama thnks ) , i love my sibling,i love all of my firends jiran and all of my ex.hahaha . i am so in love with jazz music and chinese action movies. mcm gedik je je nk bg tahu semua. pftttttt -___- hahah. u wanna know me better through Fb (ziera bouvier) , skype (zera.azhar), ym (eiradarysher). haha not to forget im single but not available . trust me i can be a good friend u wont regret it. haha pffftt -___-  im addicted to paolo nutini and wang lee hom. paolo nutini is one my fav singer because his song make me feel so comfortable. wang lee hom sangat handsome punya wowowowwo :P i love my asus notebook , for me , it makes me connected with all my friends and many ppl , i love my phone cz i can text who ever that i love to text  when im bored , i like my MP3 sony,its a gift from my ex, but hmm kinda love that things because it makes my life happier when im listening to paolo nutini songs. haha and last but not least  i love my purse . haha tak ada kene mgene :P  and this is me :)